18 September 2012

OMI Grab Bags - available in 2 sizes

OMI Grab Bags - available in 2 sizes

The heart of the OMI system is the Emergency Medical Grab Bag.

Medical supplies and equipment need to be brought to the patient in an emergency. The Grab Bag contains everything you need for such a situation.

Oxygen and defibrillator equipment also essential for emergency medical treatment are provided seperately.

Used in all OMI medical kits

OMI Advanced Emergency Medical Grab Bag System

Designed and tested by Medical professionals and yachtsmen with more than 20 years experience with yachting and remote medicine.
Designed not just for medical safety at sea but generally for any situation where a complete and highly portable and easy to use system is required.
Tested over harsh terrain and in poor weather and water immersion, this emergency bag stands up to the toughest conditions.
Contains ALL emergency equipment and drugs in a single bag.
Contains: Oxygen, Defibrillator, Emergency drugs, Resuscitation equipment, Instructions, splints, neck collar. (The Defibrillator and Oxygen is are purchased separately or the oxygen can be included in the ‘Weekender plus Oxygen version’.)
Top quality components and materials for the exacting maritime environment.
Can be divided in 2 or 3 smaller bags for ease of storage on smaller vessels.
Immediate access to emergency ‘Panic Page’ instructions.
Designed for easy and common sense use by yachting crews or medical professionals.
Self contained modules for quick and complete patient stabilization.
Easy access to ‘ready to use’ Oxygen. Just pull out the mask and turn the Oxygen on.
Back pack straps, rubberized carry handles, compression straps and optional trolley for easy mobility.
Tough, rip stop water proof material.
Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and UV material.
Water-proof zips.
Buoyant when fully loaded with all equipment, Defibrillator and Oxygen.
Padded equipment compartments.
Modular internal pouch design.
Please note all OMI Advanced Emergency Grab Bags are supplied with a prominently positioned Defibrillator Bag. However a defibrillator is not supplied as standard in OMI kits unless you purchase the CHARTER version. A defibrillator is an essential piece of medical equipment and when we quote we always recommend the addition of this item. But if you chose not to add this item to your kit OMI cannot take responsibility for the fact that your defibrillator section may not contain this life-saving item if you chose not to purchase it.
Dimensions 60cm x 30cm x 30cm, 17 kilos maximum weight if used as a combined Emergency Grab Bag with Defibrillator.

OMI Compact Emergency Medical Grab Bag System

Designed based on the original OMI Grab Bag with adequate expansion to incorporate the new innovations added by OMI.
Designed for smaller vessels who are unable to store the larger OMI Advanced Emergency Grab Bag (which incorporates both Oxygen and Defibrillator in one mobile unit).
Must be combined with ready to use Oxygen and Defibrillator for complete medical security.
Clearly marked ‘OPEN HERE FIRST’ for quick response to emergencies.
Made from the same water-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, fire- resistant materials as the OMI Advanced Emergency Grab Bag.
Modular internal design that can be converted easily to the OMI Advanced Emergency Grab Bag if required.
Conversion from the older OMI (green) Grab bag is easy and logical.
Contains neck collar.

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