17 September 2012

C. 1250 Train-Ferry ro-ro passenger ship C. 1250 Train-Ferry ro-ro passenger ship

C. 1250 Train-Ferry ro-ro passenger ship C. 1250 Train-Ferry ro-ro passenger ship

The NCA has been awarded the international tender, held by RFI, the Italian Railway Network, for the realization of a ro-ro passenger ship, one-way, designed to carry railway carriages and wagons, passenger cars and trucks. The ferry can carry dangerous goods in packages and rail.
The contract, signed on 27/04/2011, provides for the delivery of the last quarter of 2012.

The ferry, which will operate in the Strait of Messina, will be equipped with bow visor "upside down", will have a length of 147 meters overall, 18.7 meters wide, molded, and reach a service speed of 18 knots.

The ferry will also have high performance handling, thanks to the installation of 3 azimuth thrusters aft, 2 bow thrusters and 1 bow rudder.

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