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26 June 2013

Hulltimo introduces in-water hull maintenance for all : The HULLTIMO SMART

Hulltimo introduces in-water hull maintenance for all : The HULLTIMO SMART

Hulltimo continues to revolutionize hull cleaning with its battery-powered, easy-to-operate boom-mounted brush: Hulltimo Smart. Having acquired extensive experience in hull cleaning through the development and marketing of the Hulltimo Pro robot, Hulltimo are now launches of a simple, easy-to-use, accessible hull cleaning solution. It is the perfect option for boat owners who prefer to do their own hull maintenance.

The Hulltimo concept: a different approach to hull maintenance
Boat cleaning, from dry dock operations to the ever-changing compositions of anti-fouling paints, is a burgeoning market. As a pioneer and leader in this market, Hulltimo has already sold more than 40 Hulltimo Pro robots throughout the world. Hulltimo solutions allow boat owners enjoy the benefits of a clean hull at all times, for a more pleasurable boating experience.

Accessible to all boat owners
Hulltimo Smart is designed to clean the hulls of small watercraft and boats up to 12 meters in length.
For larger craft, it is the ideal solution for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas such as the waterline, rudders, and bow, etc.

Fast, mobile and lightweight
Equipped with a very low voltage, portable and rechargeable battery, the Hulltimo Smart brush has 60 minutes of autonomy. The unit is small in size and weighs approximately 4.5 kg. The unit comes with a resistant, ergonomic storage pouch for easy onboard storage. Clippable tubes with a variety of curves can be assembled to adapt to different hull shapes, facilitating access underneath all types of watercraft. Cleaning operations can be easily performed in port from the boat deck or the dock. Its slightly positive buoyancy makes the Hulltimo Smart is extremely easy to handle. Hulltimo is also working on optional video accessories to allow boat owners to visualize the results.

The Hulltimo Smart boom-mounted brush is equipped with a filtration bag to comply with current environmental regulations. The debris removed is collected, filtered and retained in the filter bag to ensure no débris is left in the water and no harmful substances released.

It should be noted that the brushing process is gentle and protects hard matrix antifouling.

Available from boating professional and on the web
The Hulltimo Smart boom-mounted brush is available from boating professionals, at Hulltimo Service Points and on the Hulltimo website www.hulltimo.com.
The recommended retail price is €2 500 (exc. VAT).

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